2014 Ford C-Max review

2014 Ford C Max

After the new Mondeo, which after a hold-up of producing occurs sale early approaching year, and most likely refreshed Carnival Concentration, Ford now runs thru the specific same procedure and today 2014 Ford C-Max, which are plainly obvious modifications in the en face MPV’s.

2014 Ford C-Max review

2014 Ford C-Max sales are ramping up progressively and the C-Max is on keep track of to be Ford’s popular hybrid model of perpetuity by the end of 2013, based upon existing year-to-date sales and quotes. Provided, Ford has some significant ground to comprise versus the Prius schedules, which has actually covered 200,000 sales every year in the last few years.

The first-to-market perk of the Prius proceeds today with the design family taking 58 percent of the market share for hybrid-electric vehicles. Even with its utter prominence of the segment so far, there’s no reason that the Prius ought to set the design template for all PHEVs (plug-in hybrid energy vehicles) or easier complete hybrids. Would any individual pick a Prius if it didn’t acquire wonderful gas mileage?

2014 Ford C-Max

Living someplace in between the Prius and Prius V models, the C-Max offers some real benefits as opposed to its archrivals from Toyota.

Ford’s bringing its fun-to-drive C-Max to collapse the dull Prius celebration. With extra location and more family-friendly product packaging compared to the Focus, but all its interest for edges, the C-Max pair will continuously make headway in the sales struggle among eco-keen motorists.


The styling of the 2014 Ford C-Max is quietly unobjectionable with ingenious surface area treatments, sensible percentages and the most approximately date relative indications from both the Emphasis Electric and Combination Hybrids.

The front of the 2014 Ford C-Max showcases a popular chrome grille and smaller leading and bottom grilles right here. The impact disguises the C-Max’s tall wagon body profile perfectly and is signed up with easy reflector headlamps and chrome-trimmed fog lights. Generally, it is not as striking as the Blend yet looks better than the Emphasis to some eyes.

2014 Ford C-Max interior

In the accompanying images, the green and gray vehicles are the Hybrid designs, while the light blue auto is the Energi. It’s simple to get them jumbled: they share all measurements and styling in addition to one-of-a-kind badges and an asking for port for the C-Max Energi’s electrical outlet.

When the air conditioning air isn’t truly needed, all C-Max designs have active grille shutters that block a portion of the C-Max’s nose for extra wind resistant level of smoothness.

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